Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank You From the Wests

Dear Grace UMC,

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the farewell dinner tonight. The crowd was great and the food was excellent. The fellowship was warm and wonderful.

From start to finish, we were so touched that you went to such trouble for our "send off" and we thank you to those who organized it. All the music was outstanding and entertaining, and the skits were so very fitting (you pegged us a little too well!). The slideshow with Star Trek theme music was awesome and the cards from the Grace children were wonderful. The gifts of garden and garage tools for the new home owners and the "tools for dummies" instructions for Steve were both thoughtful and humorous. The "Amazing Grace" cross will always be an amazing reminder of our journey, and we appreciate the generous gift which we will use toward furnishings for our new home. Thank you for the stories, the fun, and the very special time together!

This has been such a grace-filled and loving church for our family. May the Lord bless each of you always.

Steve, Sandy , Debbie, and Jeremy West