Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Mountain Bike Meditations

When I clicked past age forty, I had a sudden, surprising, compelling yearning for the trail. I started with four wheeling and have morphed to mountain biking. I presently go bike in the woods at least once a week.

I have never really excelled at sports, but I do love being one with the trail. I'm not the fastest or the youngest and I don't travel the farthest. But I'm getting stronger and more confident each time. It's good for my heart. It's good for my soul.

It's a feeling that I can't describe. It's not that the obstacles aren't there. I navigate the roots, I roll over the rocks, I pedal hard up the hills, I brush against the trees, I notice the breeze. I'm aware that parts of it are hard and parts are pure fun. But the trail is not about the bumps, obstacles, and heavy breathing. It's about the journey. No rock, tree, root, or bundle of leaves is what I'd call fun. In fact I must be crazy to enjoy them. But what I enjoy is the total experience.

The trail is not a summation of all the obstacles any more than life is a bag full of problems or the modern church is by definition a host of its issues. The whole experience is what is utterly amazing. I've spent too much of my life thinking that it's all about overcoming obstacles and not enough of life captivated by the total experience. But in my midlife journey, I feel the call of the wild. Renew me, Lord.