Monday, May 5, 2014

Letters to Jesus

Each year, I invite confirmands to write a letter to Jesus, expressing their thoughts and feelings to Christ and their decision about whether to be confirmed. I promise them that only I will read them, and they were all incredibly beautiful.

I would like to share a few quotes, so you can have a sense of what God has been doing in the hearts of these young men and women:

“I think my heart is going to say yes I am ready to be confirmed.”
“Thank you for dying for me. I love you.”
“I am ready to be confirmed because I want to follow you the rest of my life.”
“I believe in you. Not just because people tell me to, but because you’re a friend. When times are bad you’re there. When times are very good you’re there.”
“I really feel loved in this amazing church.”
“My beliefs for you are strong but like everybody I have my ups and downs.”
“I am very grateful for you being my Savior, my one and only God.”
“Thank you for letting us know that when things may seem like they are over and gone, they never really are.”
“I feel very peaceful because I know that you are always there for me. I have always known this, but right now it seems very real, like you are right beside me and smiling while watching me compose this letter.”

What a joy it is to serve and share Christ with all of God’s children.