Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Sea Itself Flowing in My Veins

This morning, during morning prayer time, I was reading from "40 Days in the Wilderness" by my friend Dale Clem. I came upon his idea on day 15 that "when we learn and practice being astonished, we also develop a spirit of gratitude." He continues with this. "Tracing the path of a raindrop reminded me of our soul's journeys in, thru, and downward until, finally, we are transformed and rise like a mist." Wow.

He also quotes Anglican mystic Thomas Traherne who says, "You never enjoy the world aright till the sea itself flows in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens and crowned with the stars."

I pray to you, oh Lord.

In the beauty of creation, and in the beauty of the Body of Christ, there is turmoil, there is conflict and resolution, there is danger and there is balance in the system.

I pray that an ocean of grace flows through my veins, no matter what wounds make me bleed. I pray I am clothed in the love of Christ always, no matter what paintballs may be shot toward me out of deep anxiety. I pray I am crowned with the stars, when I am tempted to stick my head in the sand or be down in the dumps.

Today is my dad's 86th birthday. Let dinner with him tonight be a way of connecting with the very "glory of my creation," being who you made me to be as a shining light in the world. Amen.