Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Awesome Communion Cup

I am often entertained, and sometimes quite moved, by the things children say. During worship this morning at Grace, we celebrated the Eucharist as we continued Easter joy. A mom told me that after the cup was offered to her son with the customary words, "the blood of Christ shed for you," he responded with a bright smile exclaiming "Awesome!" After he received, he turned and high fived somebody.

It was. And it is. It's awesome indeed. I wonder how many of us adults are so used to communion, so used to ritual, so used to church, and so used to Easter that we develop a selective amnesia, not so much about the meaning but about the power. It's awesome all right. It's electrifying. That cup should send us into a spine tingling frenzy of joy, because it's our cup of redemption.

I know one child who truly worshipped today.

"The do it yourself, self-help culture of North America has so thoroughly permeated our imagination that we ordinarily don't give attention to the biggest thing of all -- resurrection. And the reason we don't is because resurrection isn't something we can use or control or manipulate or improve on." - Eugene Peterson, "Living the Resurrection"