Monday, September 19, 2011

New Hymn Text

This Sunday, the church I serve is celebrating our 50th anniversary. What a great occasion it will be! I feel so fortunate to be a part of Saint Mark at such a pivotal time in our history!

In celebration of the occasion, I composed a hymn text which we will sing in worship to the familiar tune BEACH SPRING. I thought it might be worth sharing with others.

“When Our Founders Built a Legacy”
Written by Stephen P. West
In Honor of the 50th Anniversary of Saint Mark UMC

When our founders built a legacy, they were building, not in vain,
For the witness of God's majesty, grace amidst a world of pain.
We who gather at this table ask for opened eyes to see
How the Spirit leads your people to embrace new mystery.

We are thankful for the witnesses that have gone before us here,
Who surround us and encourage us still to hope and persevere.
May we lay aside our burdens, all the sin that weighs us down,
So to run the race before us and receive a glorious crown.

On the rock of faith we gather, Jesus Christ our cornerstone.
May the risen Christ be with us, knowing we are not alone.
Our foundation is to fathom how to open doors of grace,
Still to live in hospitality, offering welcome in this place.

At the book, the font, the table, still we gather in God's peace
To find healing for God's people, seeking joy and full release.
As our journey now continues, be our guide on trails we blaze.
Holy Spirit, wind and water, pour out flames of prayer and praise!

Copyright 2011 Stephen P. West, all rights reserved.