Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mysticism as Encountering the Divine

I recently heard a brief and fascinating interview given by Carl McColman. He finds a way to clarify what mysticism is in his interview on mysticism. Check it out!

Here is what I wrote on his blog in response:

Thank you so much for this. Your basic premise, that a mystic is one who finds a way into direct contact with God, is one I really resonate with. By that definition, there are certainly mystics in Hebrew and Christian scriptures. I have experienced, by grace, “mystical moments” along my journey, powerful moments when I felt a deep sense of oneness with God, often in the midst of intense struggle or searching. They were serendipitous and completely transformative. For me, they are a means of grace, gifts given me for a moment in time but for a meaning that transcends momentary time. It is not that I long for some kind of permanent and complete union with God while still on earth, nor is that even possible. But there are “thin places” along the journey of life and ministry that I relish.