Thursday, January 29, 2009

God and Money Mixed?

There was a high-profile motivational workshop held this week here in Huntsville featuring outstanding speakers such as Rudy Gulliani and Zig Zigler. It was a business seminar with about 9,000 people in attendance. I imagine it was exciting and helped many people lead more productive lives.

I read something, though, that disturbed me in a report on what must have been a good event. It caught my attention because of title of the article, “God and Money Do Mix”. Hmm. There is nothing wrong with being compensated for creative work, but the way this was phrased bothered me. I read on.

The seminar emphasized that the love of God can peacefully coexist with the love of financial success. In fact, speakers were reported to have said that loving to make money can enhance godliness ... if that wealth is shared with others. One quote was "You can have everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want."

Well, that's where they lost me. Of course God desires that we lead creative and productive lives. When we share what we have with others in need, we certainly pass on blessing. But LOVE? LOVING to make money?

Jesus said something about that. “You can not love both God and money.” The Bible also says “the love of money the root of all evil." The problem is not money itself but the love of it. Money can certainly be used for good. But the LOVE of making money is self-serving idolatry.

I mean no offense, but this is poor Christian ethics. I wish the name of God wouldn't get mixed into these kinds of things. I encourage you to be good stewards of all you have been given. That's a wonderful joy. But keep your love focused on God, and the self-giving agape love of the cross guiding your life as you relate to others.