Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayer With the People of Haiti

This last week, we have grieved and prayed for the people of Haiti. Here is a beautiful prayer by Taylor Burton-Edwards found on the GBOD website :

Again the ground shakes,
Earth heaves, buildings rumble
and more fall.

How long, O Lord?

The dead unnamed, uncounted,
some yet living; still not rescued,
and now more traps are sprung.

How long, O Lord? How long?
Help scrambles in,
soldiers, doctors, food, water, dogs, money,
supplies of every kind from every nation,
and more will surely come.

Your mercy is on all your creatures, O God.

Let this be but beginning,
not of rescue only, but deliverance,
not simply to restore, nor to rebuild,
but build anew.

Lord, have mercy.

These are our sisters, brothers,
not projects for a time,
but family for our lifetimes.
When others leave, call us to stay.

Christ, have mercy.

And keep our hearts stirred,
not satisfied until these
and all our family, in every place,
can live with joy and dwell in peace.

Lord, have mercy.

With all who live and die in Port-au-Prince,
in the name of Jesus, Prince de la Paix,
we continually pray.

Amen, and amen.