Friday, July 30, 2010

Honored by the Bishop's Words

I was very honored by Bishop Willimon's words in the article below, which was published on the e-
Voice of the North Alabama Conference. It was a joy to collaborate on this hymn. More information about the new hymnal can be found at the Celebrating Grace Hymnal Site.

“Lord, You Call Us to Your Service” Published in New Hymnal

Six years ago the Reverend Steve West, pastor of Grace United Methodist in Huntsville, and Bishop Will Willimon collaborated on a new hymn, “Lord, You Call Us to Your Service.” Since then their hymn has been used in every Service of Ordination at the North Alabama Annual Conference. Now the hymn has been published in a new hymnal, Celebrating Grace Hymnal.

While the hymnal is designed for use in Baptist churches, it is expected to have wide ecumenical appeal.

“Steve, as we know, is the talented musician,” said Bishop Willimon. “He has been instrumental in the planning of our worship at Annual Conference. I tried to contribute a hymn text that would be Trinitarian in form and would speak of the high calling that we have as those who are called to Christ’s ministry. Steve is a multi-talented pastor who has much experience in hymnody and the arts.”