Monday, February 28, 2011

Meditation on a Shooting Star

Every once in a while, I talk to my mother. That may not seem strange to you unless you knew she died about seven years ago. I just feel like talking to her, and know with every fiber of my Christian faith that she can hear me. Sometimes I can almost feel it. Years ago at the communion table, when I was walking back up the steps from serving the congregation, in my mind's eye I saw, in a flash, a vast choir gathered around the table. Mom was there smiling at me. In my meditations, I always think of this as my "Hebrews 11 & 12" moment.

This week, I was walking and praying in my neighborhood. I was struggling with a difficult and emotional situation and felt led to talk it out a bit with Mom as my way of praying. I remember asking for her to show me wisdom from her heavenly perspective.

Suddenly, I saw a shooting star. It was a long one that lasted about two seconds. It was bright and burning, then it was gone. It seemed so quiet, so gentle in its presence though I know the scientific reality of hotly burning gases and minerals.

You might call it coincidence or call it "God incidence", and maybe the gift is the heightened sensitivity I was given to notice. But it gave me a sense of hope. All that might seem like it's brightly burning right now will soon pass, and somehow, the sight of it is beautifies the skies of the earth.

Thanks, Mom.