Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hey Delores!

Thank God for the gift of humor!

I wrote this spoof of "De Colores." The Spiritual Directors of a recent Walk to Emmaus I was on shared this as an act of agape for our Lay Director. Why not have a little fun?

I share it in honor of the men of New Life Emmaus Walk #19 held at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama.

"Hey Delores!"

Hey Delores!
Hey Delores, the guys love the dresses you wear in the springtime.

Hey Delores!
Hey Delores, you must shop for clothing that's new every season.

Hey Delores!
He Delores, how much is invested in my new blue tie?

Hey Delores, the closet is chalk full of every bright color that pleases the eye.

Hey Delores, I looked in my wallet, and all I can say is it makes my heart cry!

"Hey Delores!" by Stephen P. West. Permission is freely given to use it.