Friday, July 15, 2011

Leading Song at SoulFeast

I had a wonderful experience leading worship music at SoulFeast. Lake Junaluska Assembly is such a holy and beautiful place anway, but to be with others who have a longing such as mine for a sense of the mystery, the holiness, and gracious presence of Christ is wonderful.

There is something that is difficult to describe about leading singing for those who are truly longing for God. When I sit at the piano and take the microphone, it does not feel like performance. It feels like intense prayer, which I have practiced and shared and invited others to join.

I remember what Augustine famously said, "one who sings prays twice." Sometimes I am brought to tears by the extraordinary opportunity to lead others in worship, whether in song or in Word and table. All the things that divide us melt away for a moment and we find our rootedness in God. Our hearts are inflamed with passion for the needs of the world when we remind ourselves that life is not about us but about God.

Poets and artists and musicians help us to collect and articulate our soul's deepest urgings. The most profound experiences of prayer and worship start happening when we come to a place where we discover that at the very end of our natural ability to articulate our longing for God, the Spirit intercedes for us in groans and sighs, in sounds and sights, too deep for words.

I am grateful to the Upper Room for the invitation. I am so proud of Jeremy who played the flute beautifully. And am glad to have shared the experience of being here with Sandy. I am honored to work with such incredible musicians as Jeff, John, and Ebbert. I am delighted to have spent a variety of moments and meals with soul friends.