Friday, November 18, 2011

What I'm Learning About Life from Mountain Biking

As I've been enjoying my new hobby, I've been thinking about what it has to teach me about LIFE. Here's my list so far.

1) The trail is not hard. It's the rocks, roots, limbs, logs, sand, and trees that are hard.
2) You never know what's under those leaves, but you're gonna find out.
3) This is not my trail. Others have worn the path. I am joining in an ongoing adventure.
4) I will fall. This is not an option, so I might as well be ready. That's how I learn my limits.
5) There is no such thing as a comfortable seat. It hurts the first few times, but later you don't even notice.
6) Gear is important, especially the helmet. But gloves and padded shorts sure feel like a close second.
7) There's no shame in stopping or walking. I need wind and water. Rest is part of the adventure.
8) When you meet other travelers on the trail, greet them and make room.
9) Keep your eyes on the trail ahead of you, not on the obstacle right in front of your wheel.
10) Take the bridge. It might look scary but it's better than the alternative. There's a reason somebody built it for you.
11) Either roll over the log without fear, or find a way around it. Those are the only two options.
12) Sometimes I lose myself in the experience and become one with the trail. This is the best part.

This is what I'm learning about life ...