Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't Forget the Glow

Here is a poem my Granny wrote and pasted inside Grandpa Hamby’s preaching Bible. The Bible was given to me by my Uncle Warren when I was ordained twenty years ago. It is a priceless treasure.

My Uncle C.P. is also an ordained minister, and she wrote this poem for him. It blesses me when I ponder ministry. It’s also dear to my heart during the season of Epiphany.

We are called to be people of the light, following the star of enlightened magi and being pervasively changed. 


I stood beside him proudly,
So much he’d learned to know;
And yet I dared to whisper,
“Son, don’t forget the glow”.

The glow that feeds the hunger
Of restless human breasts.
The glow that gives the answer
To life’s long, ceaseless quests.

The glow that’s so rewarding,
When through the preach’d word
They breathe a prayer of “Thanks, Sir”
For the won’rous things they’ve heard.

Always put it in your message.
Hungry hearts, of God’s lost sheep,
Reaching out for strength and courage,
Need soul-food to climb the steep.

The glow by which your father
Led countless souls to see
The “glow-ry” of the gospel
As it’s surely meant to be.

A diamond studded highway
Whose end is sure reward.
So keep it bright and shining,
The glory of His Word.