Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recovering Our Love of Mystery

The farther I get in my journey, the more I embrace the mystery. In fact, I am falling in love with it. I find more comfort in mystery than in any semblance of certainty.

Now that I am in mid-life, I'm growing to love life in a whole new way because I'm discovering that life is not what I thought it was. I'm tired of accomplishing, achieving, and performing. I'm ready to play again.

Here's a quote that I'm enjoying:

"As our dark nights deepen, we find ourselves recovering our love of mystery. When we were children, most of us were good friends with mystery. The world was full of it and we loved it. Then as we grew older, we slowly accepted the indoctrination that mystery exists only to be solved. For many of us, mystery became an adversary; unknowing became a weakness. The contemplative spiritual life is an ongoing reversal of this adjustment. It is a slow and sometimes painful process of becoming 'as little children' again in which we first make friends with mystery and finally fall in love again with it. And in that love we find an ever increasing freedom to be who we really are in an identity that is continually emerging and never defined. We are freed to join the dance of life in fullness without having a clue about what the steps are."

Gerald G. May