Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A New and Mysterious World

I ran across a quote from spiritualist Thomas Green as I was preparing for my Companions in Christ class. It resonates with my soul.

It happens that I am in the midst of preaching a Lenten series "The Voyage: Faith is a Journey Not a Destination." Thomas's words sum up what I am trying to say as I invite people to fall in love with the spiritual disciplines. I share it with you.

For those blessed souls that are able to let go, to float free, a new and mysterious world is revealed. It is a world more mysterious, more exotic and, initially, more threatening than the new world Columbus and Magellan stumbled upon. Those who "stay home" will only know of it by hearsay, and will scarcely believe what they hear. The few whom grace and their own generosity launch on the uncharted sea - they alone will ever really know whether the explorer's tales are true.

Thomas H. Green, When the Well Runs Dry