Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Way of Grace

This is my soul friend Glandion Carney's new book on experiencing grace during his struggle with Parkinson's. In Richard Foster's forward, he notes that Glandion says "No matter how old you are or how many degrees you have or don't have - when grace takes you to school, you start in kindergarten."

I have been so blessed to know Glandion. For several years, we were in an accountability group together. Then for a decade, he served as my spiritual director. In an amazing experience of grace for me, when Parkinson's began to take a toll on his life, I was honored that he turned to me for assistance. I was able to express my gratitude by becoming one of his caregivers during a difficult time of transition. And I am the one who is blessed.

Please consider ordering one, especially for people of faith who struggle with debilitating illness. It is a book of hope.

You can find it available for purchase here.