Sunday, July 6, 2008

God Has Spoken Himself Into That Very Situation With Grace

A couple of days after leaving my previous post, I watched a popular TV preacher say quite the opposite of what I have proposed. He said that God honors expectations with blessing, that "God meets us at the place of our highest expectations." He noted that God wants to make our dreams come true, and that we need to change our thoughts to claim the blessing of good things that are going to happen to us. I personally find prosperity spirituality to be a dead-end street. It feels more like "spiritual self-help" than a spirituality of the cross. It leaves me hungry for more of God and less of me. The greatest joy comes not in pursuing my goals and getting Jesus on my side to make it happen, but in looking beneath the struggle to see that God has spoken himself into that very situation with grace. If there is a restlessness in us for something more, it is not because we need God to pursue our dreams. It's because we need God.