Friday, July 25, 2008

The Holy Moments of Electing a Bishop

I am back from my first experience at Jurisdictional Conference and reflecting on what it was like to participate in the election of Bishop Leeland. There was something deeply spiritual about it and I have been trying to discern what it is. I felt a sense of holiness because participating in this act of “apostolic succession” put me in touch with a vast tradition of preserving the unity and order of God’s church. The apostle Paul called us “stewards of the mysteries of grace.” As messy and imperfect as church life can be, I felt as if I were joining something that has been flowing powerfully through many centuries. I was caught up in a current that is larger than me, and that gives me a profound sense of trust in what God is doing despite our flaws and culture's moods. The worship preparing us for elections was a deep, meditative reminder that this is all about discerning God’s will. How can we keep our focus on the Holy Spirit when it is tempting to simply think in terms of politics? I welcome your thoughts.