Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hymn "People of the Mantle"

I am continuing to post on this blog some of my hymns that are published elsewhere. One entitled "People of the Mantle" can be used either for general use or for ordination. I enjoyed writing it with the Academy for Spiritual Formation in mind.

A musical setting to the tune CWM RHONDDA may be found at the General Board of Discipleship Worship Website. Here is the text:

We are people of the mantle, with Elijah’s cloak in hand.
He has passed along the blessings of the Spirit for each land.
As Elijah with Elisha shared the presence of the Lord,
Christ is with us in this love outpoured.

‘Twas the cloth Elijah wrapped in at the opening of a cave,
When he heard the holy whisper of our God who came to save.
Just a simple body covering for protection and for wear
Had become a blessing for his heir.

When the mantle struck the water and it parted to each side,
Then Elisha knew the Spirit of Elijah was his guide.
This began a holy passing of the mantle down the line.
We have taken up a sacred sign.

We’ve received a double portion of the Spirit from each saint.
They have run the race before us, they have walked and not been faint.
Since our lives are lived in context of the faith that’s gone before,
We pass down a mantle ancients wore.

When our hearts are deeply aching and our knees are tired and worn,
When our journey leads to failure, when we suffer loss and mourn,
We recall Elijah’s mantle that we’re holding very near;
For the Spirit of the Lord is here.

Copyright 2005 by Stephen P. West