Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hymn "Water and Spirit"

It occured to me that I have never posted in this blog some of the hymns and liturgical resources that I have published elsewhere. Here is my favorite of my own writings, the baptismal hymn "Water and Spirit" which may be sung to SLANE. I wrote it for my son's baptism and it was originally published in Alive Now.

For a setting to music, you may check the General Board of Discipleship Worship Website. Here is the text:

Water and Spirit are joined in this place,
Visible sign of a spiritual grace,
True act of God, not earned but received,
Love we have known before we were conceived.

Eternal streams of your life waters flow,
Creative power one day we will know.
First from the womb, and now from the bowl,
Clean us and wash us by making us whole.

Children of God we forever will be,
Marked with the sign of the flood and Red Sea.
Elder and child are born from above,
Graced with the freedom that leads us to love.

Copyright 2006 Stephen P. West