Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Distant Uncle's Beautiful Gravestone

A few weeks ago, I described my ancestor's grave at Taylor Memorial UMC near Trussville, Alabama. He was one of a trio of brothers who were Methodist circuit riders, coming out of a Methodist Society in central Alabama starting in the 1820's, long before it was Alabama (it was the Mississippi Conference).

It wrote about how inspiring it is for me to consider that I am walking and driving on hallowed ground where they walked and rode on horseback to spread the gospel.

I included in the blog post my Great, Great, Great Grandfather's grave marker. But my Great, Great, Great, Great Uncle's marker is even more stunning in its eloquent remembrance of his ministry. A picture is attached and the words are below. I hope it blesses you as it blesses me.

Rev. William Taylor
Born August 3, 1799
Embraced religion at 21 years of age
Soon thereof, he commenced to prea
ch the immeasurable riches of Christ and continued to do so until his decease, which took place December 14, 1867

Next to him is buried my great, great, great, great aunt. This is how her marker reads:

Martha, wife of Rev. William Taylor
Born August 7, 1812
Died September 28, 1884
Sleep on loving mother sleep,
This marble shall thy memory keep.
But deeper in my heart is given
The hope that we shall meet in heaven.

Here are all three graves together. Martha Taylor's body is on the left, William Taylor's is in the center, and my direct ancestor Isaac Taylor's is on the right.