Friday, June 13, 2008

Letting the Word Transform Us Over Time

This week was Vacation Bible School and I enjoyed it. I leaned over to a friend while joining most of our 120 VBS kids in singing to reflect on what I love most about VBS. It's spiritual formation. It is letting the Word wash over you as you sing it, play it, pray it, act it, and move to it. It’s not learning a particular verse on a particular night that changes these kids, but a lifetime of being shaped by the Word. There’s nothing wrong with the "adult world" of studying, debating, arguing, and wrestling with the scripture. But the reason Jesus called us to have faith like a child is that faith is not believing what you’ve figured out. It’s believing what you can’t see. Faith leads us back to this, the simple trust of immersing ourselves in the Word and letting it transform us over time into the image of Christ.